Rental Application Process

Premier Properties Management rental application process is a very easy 3-step process.

1-  We ask that you take a moment to use our rental calculation tool to make sure you are not stretching your budget.  Please click here to download our form – Calculate a Comfortable Rent Payment.

2-  Once you are comfortable with the rental payment, you will need to download and complete our Rental Application Form.  Please click here to download.  After completing the application, please email to .  Once we have had a chance to review your application and verify all of your information, we will be in contact to discuss your application with you.  If it looks like we have a good match, then you’ll proceed to our final step.

3-  Now the final step.  Once we have come to an agreement regarding you and the property, you can CLICK HERE and locate the property you are applying for.  Click the “Apply Now” tab and fill out the online application.   DO  NOT GO TO THIS STEP UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO!  YOU WILL BE CHARGED!!  The cost for this step is currently $30.00 per applicant on the lease for your credit and background check.

Once the verification has been received by Premier Properties Management and everything checks out.  We will prepare your Lease Agreement and you are on your way.

Steve Markley
(619) 370-3660

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